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          Comprehensive welfare system and integrated incentive system

          Salaries and welfare: Comprehensive welfare system and diversified integrated incentive system

          (1) The company has a comprehensive welfare system

          The company offers attracting remunerations. Besides the usual five insurance payments, the company also offers annuities and supplementary medical insurance.

          For accommodation and dining, the company provides the new employee with housing, rent and dining subsidize etc.

          Comprehensive welfare system, five insurance payments, annuities and supplementary medical insurance

          Rent and dining subsidize

          Welfare housing and apartment

          Comprehensive welfare system, strengthen the cohesion of the employees

          (2)  Diversified integrated incentive system

          In order to motivate employees to grow, the company spends a lot of money for employee rewards, greatly improving employee’s motivation.

          Integrated incentive system, technology innovation reward, special housing reward

          Target exceeding reward, help high-end talent to solve family’s job issue

          One-million annual salaries for the special talents

          Special family leave for overseas talents