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          “Belt and Road” Makes Weichai a Well-known Brand


            "Belt and Road" initiative has been proposed for more than five years. As a pioneer, Weichai has explored a road of win-win, hope and harmony, and built a “super friend list” worldwide, which has a lot to offer.

          The implementation of the “Belt and Road” strategy will effectively promote the economic and trade cooperation between China's equipment manufacturing industry and other Asian, African and European countries. At the same time, Chinese companies will also promote manufacturing technology upgrade, structural adjustment and business model innovation, and create a gold brand of “Made in China” in the global business wave.

          Road of Win-win

            Sailing out confidently: 1+1>2

            Focusing on the main business to adjust the structure and make up the shortcomings, Weichai confidently sailed out and injected strong "China power" for its overseas enterprises.

          Once lost, Ferretti now returns to the top.

          Centennial Baudouin enters the high-end market.

          Linde Hydraulics transforms from an "internal factory" to surfing in the global market.

          "KION + Dematic" works together to build an intelligent logistics industry chain.

            Production Cooperation to Become a Benchmark of Win-win

            With strong strength, Weichai has carried out production cooperation along the “Belt and Road” regions and complemented and strengthened the cooperation with local enterprises.


          Weichai starts a strategic cooperation with Kamaz

          Weichai engine equipped in Belaz mining truck

          Trial production of Weichai-Maz engine project

          Road to Hope

            Sowing the seeds of hope

            Weichai planted the “industrial seeds” in countries with less industrial experiences through building factories, exporting technology and providing jobs.

          Weichai Indian factory

          Myanmar technology export project

          Ethiopia technology export project

            Contribute to overseas infrastructure

            Weichai, the most trusted partner of the Chinese infrastructure industry, assists in the infrastructure construction along the “Belt and Road” regions and provides a source of power for local development.

          Help to build the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor"

          Help Guinea's mineral development

          Help to build the "Aorta" of East Africa: Mombasa-Nairobi Railway

          Road to Harmony

            Respect and Diversity

            Weichai has achieved great success in the “Belt and Road” project. The secret is “respect the diversity and learning from each other”, which is promoting business development through cultural integration.

          Overseas employees go to Weichai for communication 

          SHIG India employees celebrate local festivals

            Love and Charity

            While Weichai provides products and services to the world, it also actively returns to the local community, conducts public welfare activities, and demonstrates responsibility to the world.

          Charitable donation in the Philippines

          Voluntary blood donation among Chinese and local employees in Indonesia

            Weichai actively cultivates along the “Belt and Road”, integrates global resources, and builds a “super friend list” of cooperation and win-win. Up to now, 40% of Weichai's revenue comes from overseas business. The export to countries along the “Belt and Road” accounts for more than 90% of the total export value of the Company, accumulating valuable experiences for Chinese enterprises to “sail out”.